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I invite you to step over a threshold and join me in my paintings.  I have come to see life not as what my senses perceive, but rather what I know through my soul. It’s a different kind of knowing. So, for example, I used to paint the flowers that  my eyes saw, and tried to represent their forms and colors just as they appeared before me. Years have past; now I am far less interested in what can be seen; what intrigues me is what eyes cannot see, and what those other realms beyond the visual might mean. I have begun to know a different level of ‘reality.’


The spiritual life is now more real to me than everything the senses can grasp. I have always been a seeker. Through my art, I have finally found a language to explore and express ideas and feelings. Abstract painting is a powerful medium that enables me to express a non-representational reality charged with passion.  More, it provides a means in which multiple interpretations of ideas can be imagined – ideas that are expressed in the words of sacred texts, psalms, and prayer.


Webpages are also known as ‘portals.’  They are a threshold, a passageway leading to other places, different dimensions. My hope is that by viewing my artwork in this newly designed format, my paintings will transport you beyond the already known, into another space where you  too can encounter new visions to open your mind – to meditate, learn, and give flight to your imagination.


When you join me on the other side of this colorful threshold, where will we be? I am inspired, as you probably are, with the natural world – the vastness of the mountains, skies, and seas. My effort is less to replicate the landscape than to  focus on the potential of the horizon – not the one we see, but multiple horizons beyond our visual frame of reference. Rather than painting the leaves of the forest, I try to evoke the illumination flickering within the canopy of trees.  Whether my paintings speak to you is not the point of the story. I am more interested in what you have to say when you see them -- so please contact me!


I look forward to  meeting you, through my paintings, at an ‘inter-subjective space’ where we can share our thoughts and visions of the possible. There, I hope we will not only contemplate the natural world that inspires us, but  ultimately  let that inspiration connect us to the Creator of  all things.  As I see the wind in the blades of grass, the buds on the branches, the brilliant flashes of color in birds’ feathers, I also step back to create, as I paint, a field of color that acknowledges both the details and the Oneness of it all.

About the Artist

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